Chimney Caps

The Patz

Low Profile Patz

Standing Seam Patz


The Colonial

The Roman

The Donnely

The Zellwood

The Santa Barbara

The Osprey

The Oseola

The Trafalger

The Appalachian

The Aztec

The Mariner

The Bell

The Butler

The Capistrano

The Princeton

The Baldwin

The Casablanca

The Avalon

The Somerset

The Pellegrini

The Cambridge

The Dennenberg

The Swanson

The Corsica

The Morocco

The Barcelona

The Biscay

The Danube

The Naples

The Barenberg

The Concord

The Classic

The Castillion

The Standing Seam Baldwin

The Warlick

The Six Sided Patz

The Caeser

The Engelhardt

The Tatra

The Tangiers

Chimney caps are sized by adding the measurements of two adjacent sides. For example the north profile and the west profile.