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Zinc and Copper Gutters

Learn about EuroGutterUSA
What is EuroGutterUSA?
Ornametals is the only U.S. manufacturer of EuroGutterUSA™. Our zinc and copper gutters feature the traditional forward-bead, which protects the fascia. Instead of folded-seams and crimped corners, our downspouts and elbows have a durable seamless weld. With a top-of-the-line roll forming equipment and 27,500 square foot manufacturing facility located in Cullman, Alabama, Ornametals is the only U.S. manufacturer of a complete line of European-style, sustainable zinc and copper gutters. Ornametals also offers radius zinc and copper gutters and custom roof ornaments, finials, leaderheads, chimney caps, flashing and more. Learn about EuroGutterUSA
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Zinc and Copper Gutters

Learn about EuroGutterUSA
What do we offer?
Besides zinc and copper gutters, Ornametals offers a huge selection of standard and custom ornaments, including but not limited to finials, chimney caps, leaderheads, dormers, weathervanes, molding, medallions, roof cresting, roof caps and decorative panels.
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Zinc and Copper Gutters

Learn about EuroGutterUSA
What experience do we have?
Ornametals fabricates, restores and preserves custom zinc and copper gutter systems, cupolas, finials, towers and other architectural elements for projects throughout the world. We utilize techniques that have been passed down for hundreds of years, along with modern methods and equipment. This is actually the fourth generation to be doing this work!
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