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Many of Ornametals’ zinc products come from Umicore, a global materials technology group based out of Belgium.


Ornametals only chooses the best for its products. We are avid distributors of Kaufmann ornaments and other products.

abc supply

ABC supply is a 100% distributor of our EuroGutterUSA, a complete line of European-quality, green rainwater goods.


Most of our zinc products are unit manufactured by our skilled partner VMZINC.


ES1 Certiffied Premium Panels of Colorado works with us in cross promotion of products that we have available

kobett wholesale copper gutters

Kobett Metals is our new distributor for the West Coast for our EuroGutterUSA system

Featured Contractors

Take a look at some of our products, especially copper gutters, in the work sites of talented contractors

Visit to learn more about Kroeck Construction, an Ornametals Featured Contractor located in Sacramento, CA.

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  • copper gutter
  • roof and gutter
  • copper gutter and leaderhead
  • roof
  • slate and gutter
  • slate and copper

Visit to see more installations of EuroGutterUSA by CopperWorx, Inc., headquartered in Lakeland, FL.

  • copperworx
  • copperworx

Visit Padgett Guttering to learn more about their guttering services and to see more examples of their copper gutter installations.

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  • copper gutter
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  • copper gutters
  • copper gutters on upscale home
  • copper gutters
    copper gutters on a home
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