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Star Outlet

The Star Outlet features include:leaderhead flag

  • Solderless Installation: After cutting the drain hole using the template provided in our EuroGutterUSA Product Guide. Simply hook the front edge of the Star Outlet under the forward bead of the gutter, center over drain hole, bend tabs on back of star outlet over the back of gutter to secure in place.
  • Increased air flow: As gravity pulls the water down the downspout, the wide mouth of the star outlet allows increased air flow to eliminate the “vacuum” sometimes created during periods of heavy rains. This vacuum is very similar to pouring gas out of a gas can without opening the vent; flow is slow and labored until the vent is opened allowing air flow. The result is the liquid flows freely out of the can.
  • Alternative to an Expansion Joint: In instances where an expansion joint is required to allow for thermal expansion. Star Outlets can be used as an aesthetic option to the unsightly but functional expansion joint.