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Copper and Zinc Gutter Systems




  • Materials offered: copper, natural and Quartz VMzinc®
  • Sold in 20-ft sections
  • Forward-bead and rear-edge canted away from fascia


  • 5” (use 3.1” downspout)
  • 6” (use 3.1” or 4” downspout)
  • 7.6″ (use 4” or 4.7” downspout)




  • Materials offered: copper, natural and Quartz VMzinc®
  • Sold in 10-ft sections
  • Seamless-weld


  • 3.1”

  • 4”

  • 4.7”




Available in 5”, 6”, and 7.6”

Copper and Zinc

Fascia Mount

Roof Mount

Downspout Brackets

Copper and Zinc

Bracket With Pin

Bracket With Bolt Screw


Copper and Zinc

Basic or Star; Star Outlet can be used: As an expansion joint and with any half-round gutter, contact us for flow rates

Basic Outlet

Star Outlet


Copper and Zinc

90 degrees, inside or outside; Available in 5”, 6”, and 7.6”

Inside Miter/Corner

Outside Miter/Corner


Seamless-weld (not crimped)

40, 72 and 85 degrees

3.1”, 4”, and 4.7”

40 Degrees

72 Degrees

85 Degrees


Can be “snapped” on and seamed, soldering not required.

Choose Right, Left, Right/Left (Universal) and Spherical with or without pin (without pin required soldering)

Seamed Endcap (Universal)

Endcap Right

Endcap Left

Endcap Spherical w/o pin

Endcap Spherical w/ pin

Cleanouts/ Strainers


  • Easily clean leaves and debris from downspouts,
  • Capture water for re-use
  • Available in 3.1”, 4” and 4.7”
  • Stainless Leaf Guard Available in 280/5” and 333/6”


Expansion Elements


  • Central elastic connection part made of synthetic rubber
  • Vulcanized at either end to a metal strip
  • Coil, double-sided vulcanized 5” x 10.24”, 6” x 10.24” and 7” x 10.24”

Here at Ornametals, you’ll find all the components of our high-quality, European-designed rainwater system in copper and VMZinc®. Our Copper and zinc gutters are also made right here in the USA. Fewer than a handful of Copper Gutter Distributors can say this. Our half-round gutters come in various sizes and are easy to install. What makes our copper gutter and zinc gutter system different is our traditional forward-bead and rear-edge cants away from the fascia. This helps protect the walls and foundation of the home and leaves and water damage.

We are the only company to produce copper and zinc seamless weld downspouts within the United States. (That complements the European-style system.) So whether you’re looking for fascia or roof mount hangers to go with your copper gutters, ours are strong and built to last! We recommend a hanger for every 2 feet of copper gutter installed.

We offer a Specification and Installation Guide when installing our copper and zinc gutter systems. 

During installation, it is essential to place a downspout bracket at the top, bottom, and for every 10 feet of the seamless downspout on the property.

Our seamless copper elbows, like our downspouts, have an invisible and solid weld and are designed so that one end fits tightly into the other.

Try our copper and zinc gutter system today!