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The Basics of Copper Gutter Systems

Why Choose Copper Gutters?


A stone home, as we all know, can last for hundreds of years. It only makes sense to fit it with a rainwater system that lasts long too. Aluminum gutters are known to last maybe 20 years. Copper gutters last for more than 60 with little maintenance and over 150 years if properly installed and regularly inspected. Copper is corrosion resistant. Rather than rusting, copper’s chemical makeup allows it to build a patina on its service which protects the metal from the deterioration that most other metals experience.


Most gutters are painted. Think about why- because the metal is probably not beautiful or has little appealing value. It is much more rare for copper gutters to be painted because people seek out the look. It’s classy and something to be proud of. As the years pass, the copper changes its color. Above is a great depiction of that from


Copper gutters require the least amount of maintenance, especially if they are seamless weld like ours. European style gutters are shaped to always flow water away from the house and are mounted with precision and care.

Instead of sticky, unreliable caulking, the copper is soldered. Copper is completely recyclable, making it most other gutter materials. But when you put up such great gutters, we highly doubt you will be sending them off for recycling, at least within your lifetime.

Examples of Copper Rain Gutter Installations

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Duke University

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How Much Do Copper Gutters Cost Compared to Aluminum?

Aluminum Gutter Cost

aluminum gutter price

  • 5" Aluminum Gutter, 10 ft. sections (20 pcs) — $133.40
  • 3x4" Aluminum Downspout, 10 ft. sections (8 pcs) — $106.96
  • Aluminum Elbows (24 pcs) — $95.28
  • Aluminum Drop outs (7 pcs) — $48.72
  • Aluminum End Caps (8 pcs) — $12.32
  • Gutter Connection Piece w/ Sealant in tube (10 pcs) — $51.20
  • Fascia hanger (100 pcs) — $193.00
  • Roof Hanger (100 pcs) — $194.00
  • Downspout bracket (16 pcs) — $26.08

Aluminum gutters will likely have to be replaced 7 times in 150 years

Total 150-year cost of aluminum gutter (for average 2,400 sq foot home) = $6,026.72

Copper Gutter Cost

copper gutter price

  • 5" Copper Gutter, 10 ft. sections (20 pcs) — $1,254.00
  • 3" Seamless Weld Downspout, 10 ft. sections (8 pcs) — $475.20
  • Smooth Round Elbows (24 pcs) — $172.32
  • Basic Drop outs (8 pcs) — $30.64
  • Copper End Caps (8 pcs) — $13.38
  • Gutter Connection Piece — not necessary
  • Fascia hanger strong enough to hold a person's weight (100 pcs) — $889.00
  • Roof Hanger strong enough to hold a person's weight (100 pcs) — $899.00
  • Downspout bracket (16) — $84.32

If installed correctly, you will never have to replace your copper gutters

Total 150-year cost of copper gutter (for average 2,400 sq foot home) = $2,928.86

*All prices subject to change

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Timeline of Gutters

BC 27- 14AD: The Romans empire begins to flourish. It’s architectural influence spreads across Asia and Europe.

47AD: Roman gutters begin to be installed in Britain.

1066: The Norman invasion caused a monumental rebuilding of English architecture. Major public buildings began to have stone roofs and parapets, which required gutters and gargoyles to displace rainwater.

1240: The Tower of London purportedly had the very first British downpipe, furnished to protect the newly whitewashed walls.

Middle Ages: Overcrowding and poor materials make gutter disputes among the most common cases reviewed by local authorities. Anti-fire legislation encourages tiled roofs, which made gutters more popular.

1539: The closing of monasteries freed up massive amounts of recycled lead and creates a surplus in rainwater goods.

1700 – 1800: Gutters are common in American colonies, mostly made of wood and cast iron. It eventually became a trend to house gutters inside the building and pipe the water straight into sewers

1812: Guenther’s ancestors began the trade of coppersmithing which has continued to this very day.

1900-1925: Rolling machines are invented, which made steel gutters a possible addition to more of America.

1939-1950: With the development of plastics, less metal gutters were produced so that the metal supply could be used for war purposes.

2014: Ornametals sells a copper gutter system to a contractor that installs it on a house.

2150: Aliens invade, the crops are burned, and mankind is enslaved and taken away to make screws for spaceships. But that gutter system installed in 2014 still doesn’t need replaced.