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Ornametals fabricates EuroGutterUSA™, a proprietary rainwater system in copper and VMZinc®. EuroGutterUSA™ features half-round gutter and seamless-weld downspouts manufactured right here in the US. The only system of its type manufactured in the U.S., EuroGutterUSA™ is a high-quality, durable “European-style” system. Distinguished from the “American system,” EuroGutterUSA™ features “forward bead” gutters designed to tilt away from the fascia, and “seamless” pipe and elbows (not folded or crimped). Our design results in a more durable and elegant product, the best choice for a lifetime roof. We provide a total rainwater system, including all accessories, and can fabricate custom rainwater-related products like radius gutter, moldings and specialty leaderheads (connector boxes).

We also fabricate a wide range of architectural ornaments: finials; dormers; mansards; and other decorative roofing elements for both the contemporary and historical restoration markets.

In addition to our core capabilities, we provide technical expertise and consulting services to architects, owners, and contractors throughout the U.S. in the historical restoration field. Our manufacturing and consulting services recently have earned us nearly ten awards in the last decade.


Our company is led by Guenther Huber, who was trained in his family business in Germany before immigrating to the U.S. in the early 1990s. Guenther has more than 30 years’ practical experience with copper and zinc, specializing in the historic restoration field.


Our logo means something. No, it’s not a piece of candy. It’s the O and M of our name. Orna in Latin means to adorn. Metal is obviously the material we work with. It represents our desire to turn metals like copper and zinc into something beautiful. 

The color also has a purpose. Its the color copper turns as it forms an outer layer called patina. It takes a long time to turn that color and protects the copper beneath it. For us, the color means longevity, not only the lasting quality of copper itself but the lasting quality of the products we offer to the public.