Buying Copper Gutters

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Buying Copper Gutters

Selecting a rainwater system is crucial for any house and can be a difficult decision whether you are a home owner, roofer or home builder. Copper gutters, or zinc gutters, are a great choice (the best in our opinion.) There are 4 Major factors to consider when deciding what exactly you will purchase.

There’s really just two ways to get your gutters. Many construction companies carry gutter machines in the back of trucks to roll out metal sheets into gutters on the spot. Given that this is an on-site advantage, this option is in fact cheaper. However, these are smaller machines than a manufacturing facility and almost always roll thinner sheets and are known to be less strong. The better option is to have a heavier weight machine roll your gutters in a copper gutter facility. While you can save some money with on-site rolling, why bother skrimping on a high end gutter option?

K-Style vs. Half Round
We have an entire blog post about this subject.  In short, it is a choice between the cheaper but higher maintenance k-style or the higher cost yet low maintenance/longer life/aesthetics of half round.  Another benefit, at least to consider in our European gutters is the flow of water. EuroGutterUSA is specifically designed to withstand Noah’s flood kind of rain while still protecting the fascia and walls.  Our gutters are thicker and slightly larger than most other competitors to ensure the highest quality of rain protection.

Downspouts and Accessories
Every gutter system requires at least one downspout.  Downspouts come in two forms: seamed or seamless.  Again its a matter of how long do you want your gutter system to last- til the kids leave for school or til your great  grandchildren leave for school.  Seams in a downspout are susceptible to expansion via ice and heat.  The crimped nature of their makeup simply cannot guarantee that water and air will not enter even imperceptible crevices.  Unlike many companies, Ornametals and a select few other distributors choose staroutletflowto produce seamless gutters,  making it a solid piece all the way around.  The point at which the two sides are combined is several times stronger than a normal seam.  While this is slightly more expensive, the longevity and peace of mind is worth a few extra dollars per piece.

Accessories are additional pieces such as decorative brackets and leaderheads.  Ornametals has a huge selection of leaderheads and our special Star Outlet.  Rain gutters should be appealing to the eyes but also highly functional and reliable, promoting healthy waterflow as shown on the animated image of our Star Outlet.


If you are a construction company, you can probably handle the installation yourself.  As a resource to you when you buy our products, we have a Specs and Materials Guide that includes how to install the Star Outlet- available for Free download.  Please give us a call if you have any specific questions or need more hands on consultation for bigger jobs.

If you are a home owner, we highly suggest that you use contracted work to install high end gutters.  There are copper gutter systems still in operation from the 1800s so they can last an extremely long time, but only if they are installed by a professional.  If you want to contract us to install you gutters, please contact us.