Choosing Zinc as a Gutter Option

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Choosing Zinc as a Gutter Option

Zinc is a very common element on earth, mined throughout the world yet not highly destructive to the environment.  It is recyclable and the processing factories require less energy than most other metal producers, due in part to its lower melting point.

So what are some deciding factors when it comes to choosing a gutter system.  Here are a few facts to help you make that decision:

A non-ferrous metal, Zinc does not suffer from corrosion. It develops a patina that protects the metal, making it last much longer. The accrual of this patina on zinc “heals” imperfections, such as scratches, thus requiring less maintenance to keep it looking nice.

Zinc lasts a long time, second only to copper.  Thus the lifetime of the element means that you will need less replacement than an aluminum option.  Yes, you can get aluminum gutters, but those only last about 20 years.  Zinc gutters can last an entire lifetime (copper lasts even longer.) Another advantage of this metal is that it is not highly valuable when it comes to theft.  While you can get some money for it, it is not great for electronics and thus is harder to fence when stolen.

Unlike copper, zinc has several forms of colors.  Through our partner VMZINC, you can see those different choices here.  With this sizable selection, there’s a zinc to go with any residential or commercial exterior.

Unlike other systems, we at Ornametals believe you should only buy gutters from us once.  To do that, we aim to provide the highest quality system. A major way we can provide that is seamless downspouts.  Unlike the crimped versions of our competitors, our gutters are one piece with a thin, hardly noticeable seem.  By heating it, we are basically able to make it continuous.  Seamless is proven to handle pressure from water and ice better.