4 Reasons to NOT Install Your Own Copper Gutters

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not install your copper gutters

Copper gutters are a beautiful addition to any home. Traditionally used on more upscale homes, they are an aesthetic choice but also a long term investment.  The elegant addition ages gracefully since copper gutters have the longest lifespan out there. However, installing the copper gutters on your own is not the best way to enjoy this luxury.

Here’s why to not DIY:

Forgo the Many Mistakes That Can Happen – Mistakes happen, no matter if you’re a professional or not.  We are all human. However, professionals tend to make far less mistakes with the materials and installation processes.  It’s a daily activity for them, a once-in-a-lifetime activity for you.  You can skip the headache of  making the mistakes numerous times and have a professional take care of it the first time.

Skip Not Having the Gutters Covered by the Warranty – If you make the copper gutters into a DIY project, no warranty is not going to cover any issues that might arise later on down the road. The warranty usually specifically states that they have to be installed by a gutter professional and any issues resulting by improper installment will be covered by them.

Have the Proper Fit – The proper fit around the home and installation go hand in hand. You may do some of the calculations wrong or leave a gap that should not be there. Even copper gutters expand and contract so even if they seem well-placed at first, they could shift.  These small mathematical aspects can add up when trying to lead water away from the home and not in it.

It Could End Up Being Painful – If you’re not sure about the proper safety gear or protocols, you might find yourself slipping off the ladder or falling off the roof or any other accident that might occur while trying to install the gutters around your home. Don’t let this be you. Professionals know what they’re doing and can ensure that safety is one of their biggest priorities during the installation process.  And you get to sit inside comfortably as they work.

With almost all types of home remodeling and general repairs, it is essential to consult with a professional regarding the work that needs to be done. They are not only qualified to provide these services, but can do so in the safest way possible. Also, you can feel much more confident in their ability to know what they’re doing, as compared to taking on the job yourself.

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