Why Metal Roofing is Better than Shingles

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When you are looking at building a house or having a total roof replacement, you have a lot of decisions to make. One of the most important decisions you face is deciding which type of roofing materials you want to go with.  You can always opt for traditional asphalt shingles, but there are other options.  Metal roofing materials have a lot of outstanding benefits that can give you a reason to consider them. Here are some of the reasons why metal roofing should be in the running when it comes time to pick what materials you use on your new roof:

Metal Roofing Materials Last a Very Long Time

Asphalt shingles typically last between seven and 15 years. When you have experienced roofing professionals properly install a new metal roof on your home, you can expect it to give you somewhere between 20 and 50 years of continuous protection, with minimal or no repairs needed during that time.

Metal Roofing Keeps Your Home Cooler In the Hot Weather

When it comes to heating up a home during the summer, the sun is the typical culprit. Metal roofing materials are able to reflect a good amount of the heat, allowing your house to stay cooler. The offset cooling costs also make the investment into getting metal roofing a bit easier, since each month, you are getting a bit of your initial investment back.

Virtually No Pitch Requirements Are There for Metal Roofs

When you opt to use a metal roofing material such as copper, you do not have the same basic rules in place for how much or how little of a pitch you need to keep the materials from holding on to water or snow. Metal roofs are a great way of being able to get the look you want without the restrictions that asphalt roofs may have.

Metal Roofs Can Match Your Choice in Gutters

Since gutters now come in so many different materials, you can now go out of your way to have a roof that matches the gutters you have on your home, giving your home more curb appeal. Should you opt to have copper gutters, for instance, you can then also opt for copper roofing materials and have your home stand out. This is a great option if you are about to sell your home!

When you are looking at having your entire roof redone, whether it is to match copper gutters or to give your home a couple of decades of protection, strongly consider getting a metal roof. It may seem like you have to invest more upfront, but when you look at the overall savings, you gain a lot more in the end.