Copper Gutters for Modern Homes

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When you think of half round copper gutters you probably think of stately, distinguished older buildings like the Kansas City Statehouse or Duke University.  But these beautiful examples of custom copper roofs and gutters made by Ornametals represent just a tiny fraction of the possibilities for these amazing gutter systems.

In fact, half round copper gutters are becoming increasingly popular in new construction and in modern homes.  More and more they are the gutter of choice in urban infill construction as well. Their growing popularity has nothing to do with trendiness. Just the opposite, in fact—more Americans are coming to realize that copper’s reputation as the gold-standard in gutter systems has been well-earned.

  1. Long Lasting

When something has been around for 100 years and still works perfectly, people notice! Especially in an era when consumers are impressed if their refrigerator lasts a full 10 years, copper gutters’ ability to last an entire lifetime has earned it a reputation as the material of choice for gutter construction. Notably, copper doesn’t rust. The greenish tint that forms on its surface over time known as Verdigris Patina actually serves to better protect the metal from the elements.  It’s therefore able to withstand the deterioration that most other materials undergo over time.

  1. Low Maintenance

What’s better than a home feature that lasts forever? One that lasts forever and requires virtually no maintenance! The unique make-up of copper resists the growth of algae and fungi. That means you won’t have to regularly clean out blockages that form in gutters that aren’t resistant to the growths. And its half-round shape enjoys a physical advantage to the popular k-style gutter, by keeping water flowing away from your house. Copper also has an advantage over other materials when it comes to dramatic changes in temperature. It doesn’t expand and contract the way many other materials do so it won’t suffer damage in extreme temperatures, and its installation doesn’t even require special expansion joints. In the rare instance your copper gutters do sustain damage, it is one of the easiest materials to repair.

  1. Green

These days environmentally-friendly home features are more than just a “nice to have.” Americans are increasingly feeling an ethical responsibility to use “green” and sustainable materials to protect the environment. Copper is considered one of the “greenest” home building materials on the market. Not only does it never rust, but unlike other metals it never loses its strength, so it can be recycled indefinitely. You can rest assured that your gutters will never wind up in a landfill, but will continue to serve useful purposes long after you’re gone. It’s also worth mentioning that a home built with “green” and sustainable materials will likely enjoy a higher resale value than those that aren’t.

And while we’re talking about making smart investments in your home…

  1. Aesthetics

“Your gutters are gorgeous!” When is the last time you heard that from a visitor to your home? To owners of homes with copper gutters, the compliment is something they’re used to. Copper’s rich, earthy tone perfectly complements natural building materials of all sorts, adding to its popularity in new and modern homes. Plus, it’s bit of sheen and luster ads a touch of class to any exterior without being showy or ostentatious. The enhanced appearance of your home will add to its overall value, making it a smart long-term investment.

It should be obvious now why copper is the best choice in home gutter systems. Many Americans are now striving toward a more economically sustainable and environmentally conscious society. As more people realize copper’s numerous advantages over other materials, they are choosing it for new home builds. Many current homeowners are choosing to replace the high-maintenance, quickly deteriorating (and ugly!) gutters on homes they already own with this better solution. Ornametals, which proudly manufactures all of its products in the U.S., is playing an important role by providing homeowners with durable and visually-stunning copper gutter systems that provide a lifetime of reliable service. Their copper gutter systems are an investment every homeowner will feel good about making.